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Single Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Website

Single Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Website can be used to represent a website where you have single vendor or seller selling their product to various customers. There are only two parties involved in this buying and selling process i.e. buyer and the seller. Single vendor marketplace websites are also known as Stand Alone Website.

In general, single vendor marketplace is a site where a single vendor/seller sell their products to several customers. Therefore it’s a type of one that have more relationships between the vendor as well as the customer. But, a single vendor marketplace is one that doesn’t offer a wide range of products to its customers. Because of this, there is very less amount of traffic on this websites when compared with Multi-vendor Marketplace.

The product list is managed by the seller. According to any platform that is built on the site, he can list the product by the backend.

Advantages of Single Vendor Marketplace

If you practice a single supplier path, then you’re going to do purchasing a given resource from just one vendor. You can observe that a supplier has no dependency; such a strategy has some advantages. For eg.

  • Creating and maintaining a relationship with one supplier is easy when compared with two or more
  • Administrative as well as other supplementary costs are decreased when you place an orders with just one supplier
  • Maximize your volume leverage to achieve attractive pricing
  • It’s very easy to order and incorporate systems with a single supplier
  • You may be capable of bargaining to receive small, regular deliveries and so develop an inventory control

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