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School ERP & School Management Software helps in managing operation of a school, whether it is managing admission of students or generating many reports like collection, results or anything else.

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Why use Techup School ERP Software for your school ?

School Management System

School ERP Software system is a comprehensive Web based & app based school sotware application &  for educational institutions. It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents and management. Techup School ERP helps automating the manual work and administrative hassles of schools & other educational institutions.

A school maintains more than 40 registers to handle their day to day activities and records of students, staff and teachers etc. With techup School ERP all the activities of the school and get every single detail in just a few clicks. Techup can be accessed from anywhere using all the devices like PC, smartphones or tablets which enables teachers, parents, students and management to be in touch all times and to have effective communication.


Why use school erp software for your school ?

A School ERP is a centralized software designed to manage student information and academics. A school ERP is used by schools, colleges and educational institutes.
An ideal School ERP should enable educational institutes to execute all of their activities like admissions, attendance, exams, results, announcements, fees etc. A school ERP system gives a central system to teachers, school management, parents, students and educators for their day-to-day activities which leads to improved efficiency and optimum resource utilization.

A School ERP system provides a host of advantages to any school. The efficiency of teachers, students improves with fast, simple and seamless execution of their tasks.
Centralized data storage, data security, Improved resource utilization, increased ROI, reduced response time, increase in student output, and customer satisfaction are some of the benefits of using a School ERP software. These benefits from a School ERP software ensures that a school gets a competitive edge over their competitors.

Our school ERP have features like online assignment management, student attendance management, online exam and result management, report card generation, announcements, school communication management, student information management, student document management, classroom management, online admissions, school enquiry management, school infrastructure management, school transport management, customizations.