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You can become a Web Designing specialist without leaving you job. Learn with Techup Technologies. All required webs designing courses: Web Designing, Backend Development, Domain & Hosting and more. Techup Technologies is Rated Varanasi’s Best Web Designing Institute. Join Our Latest and Updated Web Designing Course in Varanasi.

Best Web Designing Institute in Lucknow

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Web Designing Course Structure

Web Designing Fundamentals

  1. Understand how websites work and how HTML, CSS and
  2. JavaScript contribute.
  3. Understand how the internet works.
  4. Start coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  5. Learn and understand git, GitHub and version control.
  6. Learn key troubleshooting and debugging skills to apply to your projects.


  1. Introduction tHTML5
  2. Features of HTML5
  3. HTML5 DocType
  4. New Structure Tags
  5. Section
  6. Nav
  7. Article
  8. Aside
  9. Header
  10. Footer
  11. Designing a HTML Structure of Page
  12. New Media Tags
  13. AudiTag
  14. VideTag
  15. Canvas and Svg Tag
  16. Introduction tHTML5 Forms
  17. New Attributes
  18. Placeholder Attribute
  19. Require Attribute
  20. Pattern Attribute
  21. Autofocus Attribute
  22. email , tel, url types
  23. number type
  24. date type
  25. range type
  26. voice search
  27. Examples of Form


  1. Types of CSS
  2. CSS Selectors
  3. Universal Selector
  4. ID Selector
  5. Tag Selector
  6. Class Selector
  7. Sub Selector
  8. Child Combinatory Selector
  9. Adjacent Sibling Selector
  10. Attribute Selector
  11. Group selector
  12. First-line and First-letter selector
  13. Before and After Selector
  14. CSS Properties
  15. Type Properties
  16. Background Properties
  17. Block Properties
  18. Box Properties
  19. List Properties
  20. Border Properties
  21. Positioning Propeties
  22. Realtime Implementation
  23. Converstion of Table tCSS Layout
  24. CSS Menu Design (Horizontal, Vertical)
  25. Form Designing


  1. Learn the fundamentals of implementing responsive web design.
  2. How to use Balsamiq to mockup and wireframe websites.
  3. The fundamentals of UI design for websites.
  4. How to install the Bootstrap framework.
  5. Understanding the Bootstrap grid layout system.
  6. How to use bootstrap containers to layout your website easily.
  7. Learn to use other Bootstrap components such as buttons.
  8. Adding symbols using Font Awesome.
  9. Learn to use Bootstrap carousels.
  10. Add Bootstrap cards to your website.
  11. Using Bootstrap navigation bars.


  1. The Fundamentals of Code
  2. Starting code with alerts and prompts.
  3. Understand Variables and Data Types in JavaScript
  4. Variable naming in JS
  5. Working with strings and numbers
  6. Randomisation and logical operators
  7. Loops, collections and Conditionals.
  8. Functions and invocation patterns
  9. Discussion of ECMAScripts
  10. Intermediate JavaScript
  11. Learn to use JS Expressions, Operators, Statements and Declarations
  12. Object-Oriented Programming
  13. JS Objects and Prototypes
  14. ` This` , Scope and Closures
  15. Objects and Prototypes
  16. Refactoring and Debugging

Document Object Model ( DOM )

  1. Learn the tree structure of HTML based websites.
  2. Traverse through the document using object notation.
  3. Separation of concerns and coding best practices.
  4. Manipulate and change the HTML elements using your
  5. understanding of the DOM.


  1. Introduction tjQuery
  2. jQuery Features
  3. Installing jQuery
  4. jQuery Syntax
  5. jQuery Ready Function
  6. jQuery Selectors
  7. jQuery Actions
  8. jQuery plugins
  9. jQuery Validation plugin
  10. jQuery Slideshow
  11. jQuery Dropdown
  12. jQuery UI
  13. Working with jQueryUI
  14. jQuery Accordions
  15. jQuery Tabs
  16. jQuery Tooltips
  17. jQuery Autocomplete


  1. PHP Introduction
    1. Introduction PHP and MySQL
    2. Benefits of using PHP MySQL
    3. Setup of PHP Environment
    4. Testing the Page
    5. Troubleshooting Installation Errors
  2. PHP Programming Concepts
    1. Write your First PHP Program
    2. Embed PHP in HTML / HTML in PHP
    3. PHP Data Types
    4. Variables in PHP
    5. SuperGlobal Variables
    6. Operators in PHP
    7. Conditional Statements
    8. Loops (For, While, Do While, Foreach)
    9. PHP Functions
    10. Using Functions in PHP
    11. Userdefined Functions
    12. Predefined Functions
    13. Common Functions
    14. String Functions
    15. File Functions
    16. Date Functions
    17. Hash Functions
    18. Mail Function
  3. Arrays and Array Functions
    1. Why use Arrays
    2. Types of Arrays
    3. Creating Arrays
    4. Accessing Arrays
    5. Array Functions
    6. Using Array Functions


  1. MySQL Database Training
    1. What is Database ?
    2. Understanding an RDBMS
    3. Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields
    4. SQL Language
    5. Using the MySQL Command-Line Client
  2. Working with PHPMyAdmin
    1. Creating Databases
    2. Types of Databases
    3. Creating Tables in Database
    4. Specifying Field Data Types
    5. Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
    6. Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
    7. Selecting a Table Type Altering Tables
    8. Altering Table and Field Names
    9. Altering Field Properties
    10. Adding and Removing Fields and Keys
    11. Altering Table Types
    12. Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
    13. Backing Up Databases and Tables
    14. Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup
    15. Dropping Databases and Tables
    16. Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information
  3. SQL Queries
    1. Inserting Records
    2. Editing and Deleting Records
    3. Performing Queries
    4. Retrieving Specific Columns
    5. Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
    6. Using Operators
    7. Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
    8. Limiting Results
    9. Using Built-In Functions
    10. Grouping Records
    11. Joining Tables
    12. Using Subqueries
    13. Using Table and Column Aliases

Domain & Web Hosting

  1. Web Hosting Basics
  2. Types of Hosting Packages
  3. Registering domains
  4. Defining Name Servers
  5. Using Control Panel
  6. Creating Emails in Cpanel
  7. Using FTP Client
  8. Maintaining a Website


  1. Ecommerce Project
    1. Front End Designing
    2. Admin Panel Designing
    3. Database Connection
    4. Project Deployment